Telemedicine & Telehealth Service Provider Showcase (SPS)



SPS 2016: Another Huge Success!

SPS 2016, held June 21-22, 2016, attracted nearly 400 attendees, who had rave reviews of the conference. Speakers were amazing, the Expo Hall was lively, and networking was happening throughout the conference venue in downtown Phoenix, AZ, on both days.

A big thank you to all who attended, presented, or exhibited! Your participation is what makes SPS such an engaging conference. We look forward to having you back for SPS 2017!

Please bookmark this web page and stay tuned for information about SPS 2017 dates and location.

SPS 2016 presenters' slides

SPS 2016 Program

SPS 2016 presenters' slides are now available online to SPS 2016 attendees. Click here to log in to view the slides. Contact us for your username and password.

Click on the icon to see the online SPS 2016 Program.




SPS is a national conference focusing on linking telemedicine and telehealth service provider companies with hospitals,healthcare  systems, clinics and others who need their services. SPS is about bringing better healthcare to patients, communities, and populations; improving outcomes; and reducing costs. It is about helping hospitals and healthcare systems to thrive through partnerships with telemedicine providers.