Alan Pitt, MD

Alan Pitt
Professor of Neuroradiology
Barrow Neurological Institute

Alan Pitt, MD, is a professor at the Barrow Neurological Institute, one of the country’s premier centers of excellence for neuroscience. He has degrees from Stanford University (BA ’83) and the University of Arizona (MD ’88). He did postgraduate training in internal medicine, neurology, radiology and neuroradiology.

Over the past two decades, Dr. Pitt has worked at the nexus of computers and medicine, looking for better ways to stitch together our fragmented care system. He passionately believes that by putting the patient in front of the right person, fear and anxiety (for the patient, the loved one, the nurse or generalist) can be replaced by reassurance. This avoids needless tests, transfers, and worry.  He focuses on cloud-based solutions leveraging messaging and collaboration with sustainable business models. 

Dr. Pitt is an adjunct at the University of Arizona School of Public Health.

In addition to his clinical responsibilities, Dr. Pitt has been involved with several health IT and device companies, most notably serving as the Chief Medical Officer of Avizia from 2014 until it joined American Well in 2018, as well as working with a medical robotics company later sold to Globus Medical. He has continued interests in companies in the AI, data analytics, blockchain, and personal health records spaces.

He has been an invited speaker at the state and national levels on issues related to telehealth and patient engagement.

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