Ami B. Bhatt, MD, FACC

Ami Bhatt
Director, Adult Congenital Heart Disease Program & Director, Outpatient Cardiology
Massachusetts General Hospital

Ami B. Bhatt, MD, FACC, is the Director of the Adult Congenital Heart Disease Program and the Director of Outpatient Cardiology at the Massachusetts General Hospital and an active clinical cardiologist, investigator, and educator. She graduated from Harvard College, obtained her doctoral degree from Yale School of Medicine, and trained at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH), Children's Hospital of Boston, and Brigham and Women’s Hospital in internal medicine, pediatrics, adult cardiology, and adult congenital heart disease (ACHD).

Dr. Bhatt’s team has transformed adult congenital heart disease care at the MGH into an internationally renowned program. At the MGH Corrigan Minehan Heart Center, the program has established a multidisciplinary infrastructure with heart failure, cardiac transplantation, electrophysiology, structural heart & valve specialists, as well as obstetrics, maternal fetal medicine, genetics, and pediatrics. Importantly, the program’s multidisciplinary approach extends to social work, financial counselors, network development, and international patient care teams. The MGH Adult Congenital Heart Disease Health & Wellness program underscores that one individual with heart disease in a family can promote healthy behaviors in all.  

Dr. Bhatt was nationally recognized as an educator by the American College of Cardiology in 2015 and by the American Heart Association in 2016 for ACHD program building and design efforts. Her educational and outreach activities are fueled by her belief that individuals with complex disease deserve collaborative care between tertiary centers and community caregivers. She innovates at the MGH Corrigan Minehan Heart Center in the domains of telemedicine for ACHD patient visits, provider consultation, multimodality teleconferences, and adoption of mobile health technologies for caregivers and patients. Her interest in digital health strategy stems from her beliefs that state of the art, high quality, personalized care can be delivered to individuals in the community and that concierge medicine is possible for everyone. 

Dr. Bhatt has an established telecardiology practice to care for individuals with ACHD who live far from Boston or are limited in their ability to make in-person visits. Some of her care is now rural telecardiology, providing care in areas where the system is not easily accessible. She has developed outreach clinics throughout New England to support ACHD care in the community. She has been integral in establishing the MGH Heart Center’s cardiovascular outreach clinics at Holy Cross Hospital in Florida by piloting the ACHD program there with in-person visits; education of attendings, fellows, and residents; and virtually run clinics utilizing telemedicine. Dr. Bhatt also works as a Clinical Affiliate with the MGH Healthcare Transformation Lab, mentoring students in start-up companies and assessing novel technologies for applicability in the academic medical and clinical cardiac settings. She is frequently invited to participate in national conferences on digital innovation in healthcare, including: How Strategic Partnerships are Driving Innovation (Boston HUBweek September 2016), Interview: The Physician Innovator (September 2016), Disruptive Women in Healthcare (Partners Connected Health Symposium October 2016), Digital Health Innovations in ACHD (ISPIM Innovation Forum March 2016), Virtual Med: Advancements in Telemedicine and Remote Care (MedStart Conference 2016), American College of Cardiology: Digital Healthcare in Cardiology (March 2017), HSPH Designing for Health Symposium (February 2017), The Internet of Things: A new tool in the treatment of Heart Failure (January 2018), and Delivering Tertiary Cardiac Care in the Community: A Hub and Spoke Model (ACC CV Summit Research February 2018).

As Director of Outpatient Services for the MGH Cardiology Division, Dr. Bhatt is working with patient & family advocates, administration, and process improvement & workflow design teams on enhancing the outpatient care delivery model. Her work centers on applying process improvement, digital health, and design thinking to enhance multidisciplinary care and create transparent systems for coordinating and achieving patient centered outcomes, alleviating physician burn-out, and emphasizing that the two are not mutually exclusive.