Arnab Nayak, MA, MS, PhD

Assistant Professor of Economics
Eugene W. Stetson School of Business and Economics, Mercer University

Arnab Nayak is an Assistant Professor of Economics at Mercer University. Dr. Nayak earned his PhD at Purdue University, in West Lafayette, IN. His primary teaching and research interests are empirical international trade, health economics, microeconometrics, and economics of multinational enterprises.

Before joining Mercer University, Dr. Nayak spent three years as an economist for Deloitte and used his expertise in healthcare and pharmaceutical research to plan and price cross-border transactions for multinational companies, including several healthcare and pharmaceutical companies.

For his research in health economics, he uses large US and international healthcare and pharmaceutical-related databases to investigate areas including healthcare benefits and costs, healthcare policies associated with pharmaceutical research and development (R&D) decisions, and child obesity and related policy issues.  

He is actively involved in health economics and healthcare-related research and seeks to improve quality of life and healthcare policies, facilities, and practices through policy analysis, improved healthcare outcome research and policy recommendations, community involvement, and his teaching for the benefit of the community in the region.

Dr. Nayak has published articles in several health and economics related journals and also has presented his research at conferences and academic institutions nationally and internationally.