Peter Antall, MD

President and Chief Medical Officer
Online Care Group

Dr. Antall has expertise as a physician, health care entrepreneur and physician manager. He has a track record of disruptive innovation in the areas of care delivery, medical management, telemedicine and telehealth. Dr. Antall has built a thriving pediatric practice; a hospitalist company; written software for mobile apps; and is currently President and Chief Medical Officer of a national telehealth physician organization, the Online Care Group, where he manages over 200 physicians, has developed a credentialing program, and has developed tools to measure and manage clinical quality in telehealth. Dr. Antall also is the Medical Director of American Well, the owner and manager of a pediatric hospitalist company, and an owner and practicing physician in his pediatric practice. Dr Antall's strengths are strategic planning, program development, clinical quality and credentialing, sales support, and physician management. He received his MD from The George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences.