Scott Simmons, MS

Scott Simmons
Chief Telemedicine Business Architect

Mr. Simmons has made significant contributions to the field of telehealth for over 20 years, in the government, commercial, and academic sectors. He has a broad base of telehealth experience, including systems engineering, project management, program management, research, evaluation, and leadership. He has presented and published extensively on various aspects of telehealth and is a member of the editorial board of the Telemedicine and e-Health Journal.

In April 2014 Mr. Simmons joined Medweb from the University of Miami (UM), where he served nearly seven years as Director of TeleHealth. There he was responsible for the development and management of the university’s telehealth portfolio, including a school-based telehealth program in Miami-Dade County schools, store-and-forward dermatology for cruise lines and Native American populations, a pediatric mobile clinic, and several other telehealth research and clinical programs. Mr. Simmons is especially passionate about the use of telehealth in humanitarian assistance and disaster relief. He led the UM efforts in establishing telehealth capabilities to support the Haiti earthquake relief team at the UM/Medishare field hospital in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, and he has been involved with three deployments of telehealth for humanitarian assistance in the Caribbean and Latin America in collaboration with US Southern Command.

Mr. Simmons received his BS in Biomedical Engineering from Tulane University (1990) and his MS in Industrial Engineering (Engineering Management focus) from the University of Houston (1993). He began his career in telehealth with the US space program at the Johnson Space Center, where he was the project manager for development of the Telemedicine Instrumentation Pack (TIP; U.S. Patent #5,701,904), NASA’s first space-certified telemedicine system. He then moved to CyberMDx, Inc., a firm formed to commercialize the TIP, and served as the firm's Vice President of Operations and Chief Technology Officer. He was Assistant Director of East Carolina University’s Telemedicine Center, where he led the expansion of ECU’s telemedicine network to more than double in size.

He has been actively involved in the American Telemedicine Association (ATA) since its inception, serving four years as co-chair of the ATA Technology Special Interest Group, four years as an ATA Board Member, two years as Treasurer, two years as Secretary of the ATA’s Latin American and Caribbean Chapter, and as an inaugural member of the Institutional Member Council’s Executive Committee. He was elected as a member of the ATA’s College of Fellows in 2012.