Shahram (Shez) Partovi, MD

Shez Partovi
Chief Digital Officer
Dignity Health

Dr. Shahram (Shez) Partovi completed his neuroradiology training at the Barrow Neurological Institute in Phoenix, AZ. He obtained his medical degree from McGill University, in Montreal, Canada. He moved to Phoenix to complete his subspecialty training at Barrow. In addition to his passion for clinical excellence, Dr. Partovi has deep knowledge in the field of medical computing and health IT. During his medical training, he simultaneously studied computer science to solidify his dual domain expertise.

After a decade of practice as a neuroradiologist, Dr. Partovi transitioned into a physician executive role, serving as the Senior Vice President of Digital Transformation and Chief Digital Officer for Dignity Health. In this role, Dr. Partovi oversees the system-wide digital strategy and heads the Office of Digital at Dignity Health. The Office of Digital is a “startup” within Dignity Health with the mandate to create an intensely positive and personal digital experience for patients, consumers, providers, and employees.

To deliver on that mission, Dr. Partovi recruited a team of talented individuals and launched agile software engineering at Dignity Health. Today, he oversees the development of many personalized, patient-facing digital services such as SEO engagement, online scheduling, and telehealth, as well as the customization of provider-facing digital tools such as the enterprise EHR.